#Slime Care Info

S L I M E   C A R E  G U I D E

♡How to make slime activator:

Mix the entire contents of provided borax (approx. 1 tsp.) into 1 cup of warm water. This is not edible and do not ingest. If you opt out of having the provided borax, you can use your own BORAX, found in many laundry aisles at stores.


♡How to fix sticky slime:

Add a few drops of activator SLOWLY into your slime and knead throughly. Repeat as necessary to achieve desired texture. Don’t add too much, or the slime may become ruined.


♡How to fix stiff slime:

Warm the slime in your hands as a first fix. If it’s still stiff, add a few pumps of lotion or baby oil and knead into the slime. For clear glue based slimes, run it under hot water.


♡Slime Tips & Tricks:

-Always play with slime with clean hands and on a clean, smooth, hard surface.

-Keep slime away from pets, furniture, and clothing.

-Keep the lid tightly closed to prevent slime from drying out.

 If you have further questions on slime care, please contact bao.slime.team@gmail.com. We are happy to assist you.