toothpaste kisses

Scent: lemon bar

Texture: fluffy light snow butter with special clay

Size: 8 oz + 6 oz - double wall container

Add-ins: toothpaste charm, lip sprinkles


What will come with every slime order:

♡ The handmade slime you ordered

♡ Extras : MUST ADD EXTRAS LISTING TO CART!! add to cart if you want them.

All orders will come in a box and my containers are the durable type! :-)

*Please note that slime is NOT a food product and is NOT meant to be consumed. Children under the age of 7 are not recommended to have slime and should have a parents supervision while playing with it!

*My processing time is 7-14 DAYS from when the order is placed. Please keep this in mind when ordering my products. Thank you! :-)